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In addition to planning wonderful trips for individuals, couples, and families, we also assist groups and organizations with unique fundraising campaigns. We partner with non-profit and other organizations to help them raise funds.

Along with ensuring your vacation is perfect, here are some extra services that we offer:

Price matching: If the cost of your hotel or cruise lowers in price after you have already booked it, we will pass the savings to you.

Best Value Always: We guarantee that you will receive the very best value when your travel is arranged through us.

Easy Payment Plans: Not ready to pay everything at once? We will arrange a payment schedule for you.

Added Amenities: We have special contracts with travel vendors which allows us to offer room upgrades, free meals, etc. at many destinations.

Never Pay a Service Fee: We do not charge fees to arrange your unforgettable trip.  


Welcome to my webpage! I hope that you are excited about your next trip. We certainly are. We realize that your vacation and travel time is precious. We know that your vacation starts once you arrange your trip and ends once you return home. We are here to see you through the entire process.

My name is Sheila Randolph. I am the founder of Fundraiser Travel. I have 20+ cumulative years of experience in the Travel and Financial industries. I fell in love with traveling during my junior year in college where I studied and lived abroad. While doing so, I began to travel the world. The cultural exchange opportunities I experienced were amazing! I realized how little I knew about the world before I traveled.

Directly after college, I began work in the Financial industry. I founded Fundraiser Travel to combine amazing Travel experiences and the opportunity to assist our communities financially. Fundraiser Travel allows for the enjoyment and learning experiences of travel as well as serving our local communities. I developed Fundraiser Travel so that our clients could have a great vacation at the best value and raise money while doing it.

Happy traveling!

Top Destinations: Cruises, Europe, Mexico, Disney World, Israel, Australia, Hawaii, Caribbean

Specialties: Cruises, Europe, Mexico, Disney World, Israel, Australia, Hawaii, Caribbean, and so much more

Recent Trips: Germany, Turkey, USA and Canada, Greece, Italy

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